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Updated: 07-Oct-2020:

In setting up items for sale a few issues come up for me, security, waste, and ease of use.  

I won't be running a store directly from my site and instead have chosen Etsy to handle my online retail. The primary reason is Etsy with their army of programmers have a better chance of keeping yours (and mine) credit card data secure. By not having a store on this site directly not only do I not have to worry about credit cards but also passwords and I don't need to incorporate cookies either. 

I have art that I am proud of and want to share it with you in various ways without creating waste. Waste by producing more that what may even sell. Therefore I am looking at working with Printify, a web service that offers print-on-demand services. I wont need to pony up a bunch of revenue to buy items in bulk that take up massive space in my small apartment. Printify integrates with my Etsy account so I can offer a wide range of items that might be of interest, and then they only get made when they are ordered. I am not 100% solidified on this yet as I am in the process of doing quality control analysis with serval items.

Ease of use:
To coincide with the above I want it to be easy to use, both for you, as well as in the back end for me. I've run an online store directly before and it's a bit more complex than the plug-and-play that places like Etsy provide. Granted I have to pay them to handle that but I'm okay with that. Etsy has been around for awhile and people know of it's layout. 

So I plan on having more info soon, stay tuned!

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