Exhibit - Jewelry

When I would tell people I made chain mail they thought I meant that I was the guy who sent those stupid letters saying if you didn't copy said letter to ten of your friends in the next ten minutes you wouldn't win the lottery or your grandmother would die. 

Looking at the following photos I'm sure you can tell that's not what I meant. Chainmaille (or chainmail/chain mail) is the art of weaving metal rings. Historically when done for armour the rings would be forged, woven, then riveted closed. I didn't get to that level of historical accuracy but in the beginning I did craft armour out of 16 gauge fence wire. Everyone wanted the hauberk but no one was willing to pay the price.  After a couple of years I shifted into jewelry, which did sell.

For over a decade I wove hundreds of thousands of metal rings and sold my wares at craft fairs. I closed my business, TK7 Studios, in 2012.


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