Exhibit - Coloring Pages

The Beginning

During the SARS-COV-2 pandemic I began doing spiral art based drawings. Inspired by Jon Harris' YouTube channel. Starting with a Sharpie, paper and ruler it quickly into creating them digitally with open source software GIMP

The pages are available for purchase at my Etsy Store (still under construction).

Series 1-10

At first I drew them by hand, scanned them into the computer, and cleaned up the lines in GIMP. Eventually I realized it was quicker to just create from scratch in GIMP. The curves are illusions, all the lines are completely straight.


My skills with photoshop are rudimentary at best, and so there was a little bit of a learning curve with GIMP. As my understanding of the program grew the complexities of the patterns emerged.


Eventually I began to incorporate curves into the pictures, which creates some interesting looks, almost alien-esque.

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