Who is Terry?

“Vell, Zaphod’s just zis guy, you know?”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Terry - est. 1973

In the year 1973 NASA launched Skylab, Sydney Opera House opens in Australia, Watergate hearings begin against President Nixon, and a new life was brought onto the planet, Terrance Hughes.

Timeline of AKAs



Late 80's

Hanging out in his best friend's basement Terry began his musical career as a joke. While his friend mastered the guitar, Terry would just grawl out some nonsense into an air microphone. They formed the non exsistant band Slarf. The only lyrics written were:

"There's only one thing that rhymes with Slarf/and thats barf/we're the worst group around/if you like us we'll kick your ass/if you don't we wish we could"

DJ HeatSink

Disk Jockey

Early-mid 90's
Slarf Entertainment Productions

The name Slarf continued on when Terry registered Slarf Entertainment Productions (SEP) as a buisness name in the early 90s. Being the nerd that he was he also adopted the moniker HeatSink, which is a device used in computers to keep the chips cool.

His skill set was spinning late 80's - early 90's industrial with techno music.

SEP came to an end during a fateful trip to a rave in Florida when his van broke down.


Bass Player

Mid 90's
Celina, Ohio

While heading back home from the dismal failure of (not) performing at Zenfest in Zepherhills, Fl (due to van breaking down on the way - see DJ HeatSink), Terry ended up in the small town of Celina, Ohio, where he got to strap on a bass guitar and belt out some punk music in the confines of basements around town.

It (pt deux)

Beaded Jewelry Designer

Mid-Late 90's

Terry's learned how to make beaded jewelry from his partner and a friend, which he would sell at cafes or as a sidewalk vender.

TK7 Studios


Late 90's-early 2010's

Evolving from beaded jewelry, Terry transitioned from hemp weaving to metal and started crafting chainmaille armour. Due to the time it took to make it, and very few people could affoard to buy midevil armour, Terry combined his jewelry skills with chainmail to make unique clothing accessories, For years he sold his metal wares at various art and craft fairs around the state of Minnesota with his partner at the time.

FM_HeatSink/Brute Force Therapy

Music Composer


A few years after dissolving his jewely buisness in a divorce, Terry began to feel the creative itch. Fueled by a couple of documentaries he began to get into modular synthesisers and music production. It was time to bring back the HeatSink moniker, though replacing DJ (Disk Jockey) for FM (Frequency Modulation), and then replacing FM_Heatsink all together with the name Brute Force Therapy.

Brute Force Therapy website

Poly Media Studios
Poly Media Artist - 2020 - Current
Like most of the world, Terry was not ready for the SARS-COV-2 pandemic that shut society down in 2020. Leading up the fateful event Terry was booking electronic music acts while preparing to embark on a new tour of his own. Nature had a different path in mind.

Losing the music muse Terry shifted to an art called spiral drawing.  It quickly grew into a new passion which encompasses adult coloring pages, acrylic paintings, and videos which rekindled his music side as they needed to be scored.

When Terry was asked to write up a PR bio sheet for a music composition gig he did, he came up with the idea for Poly Media Studios, which would be the umbrella name for all of his various works throughout his time on Planet Earth.
What will be the future creations from the mind of Terry?

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